Get Started Checklist

Becoming a FARMetarian is easier then you might think. Check off the items below and you’re on your way!

    • Eat Less Meat
      It’s good for you, good for animals, and good for the environment. Many people choose to be weekday vegetarians, only eating meat on weekends.


    • Research Before You Buy
      When you do choose to eat meat and other animal products, make sure what you are buying is ethically raised. You are making a statement with your food dollars – make it count! Start buy researching online and see what you can source locally.


    • Know Your Labels
      Remember that not all labels are created equal. Don’t be fooled by “greenwashing” and other attempts to appear ethical. (FARMetarian will have more information on this soon!)


    • Ask Questions
      Local butchers and farmers markets are great places to actually talk to the producer or someone close to the producer. Ask questions about how the animal was raised, how was it finished, how and where was it slaughtered, etc.

Get Started ChecklistWhat are the benefits of becoming a FARMetarian?