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Consumer Perceptions of Farm Animal Welfare

Consumer Perceptions of Farm Animal Welfare

A recent report by the Animal Welfare Institute found that, “American consumers are increasingly aware of, and concerned about, how animals raised for food are treated.”

The report details consumer attitudes toward farm animal welfare and finds that:

  • Americans care about how farm animals are raised and theysupport regulating farm animal care
  • “Humanely raised” is an important food claim and consumers are willing to pay more for food that is “humanely raised”
  • Certain food labels confuse and mislead shoppers

We are pleased to read that the movement is growing!  It is important, however, to educate ourselves about food labels so that we’re not “tricked” into thinking a product comes from a humanely raised animal.

For example, 51% of people surveyed mistakenly thought “natural” meant the product came from animals who were not administered hormones or antibiotics. When, really, the “natural” claim indicates a product is minimally processed and has no artificial ingredients; the claim has no relevance to how the animals were raised or treated.

More details on labels and their meanings coming soon to our website – stay tuned!

Download a PDF version of the full report here.

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