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Having Your Meat and Eating It, Too?

Having Your Meat and Eating It, Too?

The movement is growing! More and more people are coming to the same conclusion – it’s just not worth it to eat meat from factory farms. In yet another article about eating humanely raised meat, Diana Gitig summed up the basic sentiment of FARMetarians nicely, “Although I do not have a problem with the idea of eating meat, I do have a problem with torturing animals to make it cheaper for us to do it.” (Read the full article here: Having Your Meat and Eating It, Too?)

Let’s keep the momentum moving forward – the more people that know about the realities of factory farming, and the more that know that reality doesn’t mean they must become vegetarians, the better. is challenging you to spread the word. Post on Facebook, chat up a neighbor, comment on an article online. The more people that decided to become FARMetarians, the bigger difference we can make in the lives of millions of animals. Let’s do this!

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