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Wolfgang Puck, Animal Lover

Wolfgang Puck, Animal Lover

Did you know that Wolfgang Puck has pledged to use only humanely treated animals in his restaurants? His definition may differ from yours, but FARMetarian loves to hear when businesses take a step in the right direction. So what does Wolfgang mean by “humanely treated”? Here’s what he pledges:

  • Only serve eggs from cage-free hens.
  • Only serve all-natural, crate-free pork.
  • Only serve all-natural crate-free veal.
  • Only serve certified sustainable seafood.
  • Eliminate foie gras from its menus.
  • Only serve all-natural or organic chicken and turkey meat from farms that are compliant with progressive animal welfare standards.
  • Continue to feature and expand certified organic selections on all menus.
  • Continue to offer and expand vegetarian selections on all menus.
  • Partner with suppliers regarding methods of poultry slaughter that involve less suffering.

Read more about Wolfgang here.

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